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Santa Clarita home security tips
January 13, 2021

5 Home Security Tips For Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita homeowners need to feel safe in their own house. But what can you do to find that peace of mind? From smart lights to home security systems, here are five home security tips for Santa Clarita that you put into practice. Read these ideas, and your family will be able to cozy up in your safe and secure home.

Santa Clarita Home Security Tip #1: Bring Light To Your Exterior

Exterior lighting are one of the topmost deterrents for thieves in Santa Clarita. That's because housebreakers like to hang out in the dim where nobody can see them. A well-lit porch and walkway means fewer corners to hide and makes it seem like someone is in the house.

To ensure your house is fully lit, look around your home to find potential shadowy corners. Deck and pool areas are perfect spots to install a security. A stand-up light post by the sidewalk or solar lights can illuminate a walk or garden. Then test your front door lighting. Just make sure to flip on the lights every evening, or program your lights by using your Santa Clarita home security system to turn on at the same time every night.

Santa Clarita Home Security Tip #2: Lock Your Doors

Locking up your doorways should be easy, but locked doors are commonly forgotten. How often have you woken up and discovered the back door open and unlocked? Or come back from shopping with the side door standing wide open?

Smart locks help make your life smarter and they may be the solution to this headache. With a mobile app, you can check in on your smart locks’ status and remotely secure your locks. Give every family member a distinct code, and receive alerts when someone comes home. Or set your smart locks to lock automatically 30 seconds once the door closes. You can even put in a garage door sensor that shows you when it's open.

Santa Clarita Home Security Tip #3: Meet Your Neighbors

It’s great when you have an additional set of eyes on your home. Actually, your next door neighbor could be the first to find an unsavory person scoping out your yard or an unfamiliar vehicle in the driveway when you're gone. Neighbors are also needed when other calamities come up when you're away, like flooded basements or clouds of smoke flowing from a window.

Remember to alert a trusted neighbor when you leave for vacation. If something is wrong, they could visit your house and call you and any needed emergency services. Swap keys personally or set a one-time use code if you have a smart lock. Just know that you’ll also have to give back.

Santa Clarita home security camera tips

Santa Clarita Home Security Tip #4: Hang Security Cameras

An inside camera can help you locate what's making all that noise in the dark of night. Outdoor cameras can show a section of your home that can’t be viewed from a window, like around your chimney or shed door. And a doorbell camera is a wonderful way to prevent a package from disappearing from the front porch.

Installing a security camera on your Santa Clarita house or in a room used to be problematic, as wiring always seemed to be hard to work with. Fortunately, your installer can now put one virtually anywhere and connect it to a security system through cellular wireless technology. Then you can view 30-second clips or receive notifications through your mobile app your cameras spot suspicious activity.

Santa Clarita Home Security Tip #5: Install A Home Security System

Putting in a modern home security system might be the optimum way to feel completely safe and secure in your house. For one thing, you can easily control your smart lights, smart locks, and video cameras with the system’s touchscreen key panel or smartphone app. Then include devices like motion detectors, glass break sensors, and enhanced smoke alarms.

If a sensor does trigger, your ADT monitoring professionals have your back. They'll get ahold of you first to see that you are ok, then contact emergency personel. And when you have 24/7 monitoring services, you’re more secure no matter where you are!

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